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Conventional cooking methods using solid fuels on open fires or rudimentary cookstoves are inefficient, unhealthy, and unsafe. Their negative impacts range from the extensive time and costs required for wood collection to the negative impact on public health and the environment. 

In Benin, 100.000 ha are deforested each year.

A simple but brilliant solution to these issues can be found with the implementation of a safe and fuel-efficient cookstove called ‘TEGSTOVE’.

Positive impacts of the project


The TEGSTOVES are efficient which means that people use less wood and fuel to prepare daily meals. 1 cookstove requires 2 to 3 times less wood to carry and transport during long hours.


The construction of the grids for the TEGSTOVES generates additional income for the woman groups in charge of the production.


The use of less charcoal makes these cookstoves safer, healthier and saves money for families. Women also experience a huge time gain that can be used on income-generating activities. 

The TEGSTOVE also includes a thermoelectric generator (TEG) which produces electricity. In Benin, only (38%) of the population has access to electricity. The TEGSTOVE provides cheap local energy for mobile phones, LED lights and radios, stimulating socio-economic development and replacing ‘petrol-based’ energies!

This project was made possible thanks to the company Proximus.

Proximus is a CO2neutral company. This label can only be achieved through credible climate action.


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