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Our first crowdfunding campaign in support of a climate project ended successfully last weekend. The objective was to raise funds to finance the installation of improved stoves in rural areas in order to improve the daily life of families and also to protect local forests. Almost 3 billion people around the world still use inefficient stoves for cooking, putting enormous pressure on natural…

CO2logic provides support for climate projects through crowdfunding with the Earth Funders Fund

blue and white desk globe on green grass field during daytime. Photo by Guillaume de Germain, Unsplash.
A dedicated community for projects with impactful solutions for the climate … Brussels, 28 September 2020 – Brussels-based climate advisory CO2logic, which specialises in the calculation, reduction and compensation for the CO2 emissions of companies and organisations, is launching Earth Funders. This fund, which was established under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation, is committed to…
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