As a business, you can contribute in different ways to a climate friendly future.


Become an Earth Funders partner and actively support our climate projects around the world.

As a privileged partner, you can communicate your commitment on Earth Funders communication channels as well as with your stakeholders (customers, staff, partners, ...).

To discover the specific conditions of this partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you the different options.

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Do you want to contribute more?

Climate action has never been higher on the agenda of business worldwide.

Like any business, your activity generates an environmental impact.

By adopting the CO2-neutral®label, you demonstrate your commitment to neutralise your carbon footprint today instead of passing the buck to future generations.

The label is an official certification of real climate efforts and a way to secure the future of your company, brand, products, services or events. Besides contributing to the planet, the benefits of meaningful corporate climate action are manifold, ranging from ecological and financial advantages to enhanced credibility and an overall stronger brand.

Visit our website and discover how you can engage your business and become CO2 neutral.

CO2-Neutral® label

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