Efficient cookstoves, a kind gesture for people and planet.

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This project is about preserving our climate while improving the living conditions of the greatest number.

With the Somba Cookstove project, we aim to reduce deforestation and land degradation by improving energy efficiency of rural communities in Northern Benin. The campaign target is to equip at least 1000 families with efficient cookstoves which will improve their daily lives and health and avoid deforestation of minimum 20.000 trees.

We did it!

Thansk to the contribution of many Earth Funders, we have raised 25,000 € for the benefit of Eco-Benin, which will help equip 500 families with improved stoves and protect nearly 10,000 trees in local forests. Don't miss the next campaigns and subscribe to our newsletter.

Why efficient cookstoves ?

Imagine your life without electricity and having to harvest wood for several hours a week and over large distances just to cook your meals ! This sounds pretty unimaginable and yet, this is the reality of a large part of the population worldwide.

Globally, nearly 3 billion people use wood and charcoal for cooking, boiling or heating, on a daily basis.

Improved cookstoves are now commonly recognized as a major, credible and impactful climate solution.

These efficient cookstoves require half the quantity of wood, reducing the load on women and children for wood harvesting and reducing deforestation and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, they are equipped with a chimney which evacuates the harmful fumes outside and preserves the health of the whole family.

There is only one atmosphere and there are no borders for global warming, so acting locally in Benin has an impact on a global level!

Founder & Managing Director

Allocations of the funds

We are calling on you to distribute efficient cookstoves to at least 1000 families in Northern Benin, avoiding deforestation, reducing CO2 emissions and improving livelihoods, health and well-being of the local population.

Help us reach our ultimate target and have a look at what we can accomplish together, with maximum funding.

The impact of the 'Somba' project goes way beyond climate impact and contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

About the project partners

The Somba Cookstove project is implemented on the field by the local organisation Eco-Benin. CO2logic intervenes in the allocation of the funding thanks to the Earth Funders Fund and also supports the project to achieve financial autonomy through the Gold Standard certification.

This guarantees the sustainability of the activities through time and will allow the project to provide thousands of other households with the technology they need so badly.

EcoBenin created the perfect mix between climate action & ecotourism, guaranteeing a better future for their communities. If we together support the communities in becoming more sustainable we will all benefit from it.

Founder & Managing Director

Giving a cookstove is very common in a woman’s dowry in Benin; this symbolic gesture makes it possible to start a family, a friendly household. It is an act that gives and protects life.

Dear Global Citizens, help us build a resilient global family.

Gautier Amoussou

Our sponsors

CO2logic covers all the operational costs with the contribution of sponsors and strives to dedicate 100% of the collected funds directly to the projects for more impact.

We will communicate about the sponsors on board and the exact percentage allocated to the projects during every crowdfunding campaign.

Improve the daily life of an entire family and protect the last forests in Benin.

Join the Earth Funders community and support our first crowdfunding campaign 'SOMBA' to equip more than 1000 families with efficient cookstoves.

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