Many earth funders have supported our first campaign allowing the installation of improved stoves in 500 families and the protection of 10,000 trees in local forests in Benin. Don't miss the next campaigns

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Every climate initiative should be supported!
Earth Funders supports and brings climate projects to life, around the globe.

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Obtaining the necessary funding to start

Most of the funds and financing available are restrictive and require a return on investment that young climate projects are not able to guarantee in the early stages.

In response to this reality, CO2logic created the Earth Funders Fund, dedicated to support as many climate projects as possible through crowdfunding campaigns.

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Discover the #positiveimpact of some of the projects we support.

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Earth Funders is Ethibel certified

Do you remember the first campaign launched last automn by Earth Funders, an initiative from CO2 logic to raise funds in support of early stage climate projects ? If you missed…

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